The farm

The wine-producing farmhouse Orlando covers an area of about 25 hectares, divided into two properties, has experience of years in the production of fruits, vegetables and wines. The product said nostrale for the level of its quality is collected at the best point of maturing and sold also in the wholesale.


In our farmhouse there is a store, which engages the sale retail and manages orders and deliveries to third parties (for example restaurants and feasts in the region).

The production

The Farmhouse Orlando has an experience of over 2 generations in the production of fruit, vegetables and wine, and is renowned for the excellence and high quality of its products.

Our harvests produced are grown without forcing the growth of plants, opposed to a production not of season (before and late), contain many vitamins and proteins, and are tasty and nutritious. Buying and eating fresh fruit of season you can receive the maximum of flavor and nutritional value of these foods ensuring at the same time also the convenience of purchase.

At our store you will find our seasonal fruit in the following periods:

  • Fruit and vegetable for season

    • March, April: Legumes, Artichokes, Salad
    • May: Tomatoes, Peaches, Cherries, Vegetables
    • June: Melons, Peaches, Tomatoes, Apricots, French Beans, Vegetables
    • July: Watermelons, Melons, Peaches, Plums, Pears, Vegetables
    • August: Grapes, Peaches, Plums, Watermelons, Melons, Vegetables
    • September: Grapes, Winter Melons, Vegetables
    • October, November, December: Pumpkins, Persimmon (Pomi), Apples, Winter Pears