The method

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives of Tuscany untouched and milled cold. The olives used (leccino and crusher) ONLY and ONLY come from the olive trees planted on our land and harvested with traditional methods.


The cold pressing guarantees:


the quality and the respect of the olive properties
the preservation of the flavor and perfume
natural antioxidants elements present in the oil (that ensure its durability and quality over time).




Taste harmonious, fruity aroma characterized by hints of artichoke and cardoon with spicy tones, notes of bitter and spicy, very good natural product indicators, rich in polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) that retain its healthy properties and quality of the oil, color and flavor.


Our extra virgin olive oil


The production is currently modest, is around 500 liters / year for this we advise you to call in advance for your reservation.


We sell 5 liter jerry cans, each canister costs 50,00 EUR (10,00 € per liter). Prices are inclusive of VAT, note that the shipping costs are borne by the customer.


Book it at +39 348 7900713, or come and visit us on the farm or in our farm.