The method

The wine-producing farmhouse Orlando, for years has established itself as a renowned producer of table wines IGT honing his production techniques, the traditional and genuine processes, the phases of Vinification, Ageing and Bottling are obviously completed within the farm Orlando.


The maturation and the harvesting of the grapes rewards the efforts of a whole year and marks the beginning of a new year of challenges aimed at the quality and the pursuit of perfection. It’s necessary to have not only good soils and careful cultivation techniques, but also a constant and passionate dedication, a real “physical” contact with the vineyards. Mr. Orlando that receives the passion for wine by his father, participates actively in all stages of the production of his wines, overseeing as an expert agronomist and oenologist and coordinating all activities of the farm.

Our wines

Red of Tuscan Maremma


Red wine made from typical local grapes, Sangiovese and Malvasia Toscana. The grapes are vinified using traditional methods. Aged in oak that bring out its organoleptic characteristics.

White of Tuscan Maremma


White wine made from grapes Trebbiano, Malvasia Toscana and Vermentino. The grapes are harvested manually, to ensure the better quality and are vinified using traditional methods.

Grappa in selection


The grappa selection is made directly from our marcs (of red grapes) distilled within 24 hours after delivery, the distillation is made by Company Nannoni that operates in the business for generations, internationally renowned for the traditional methods used and the excellent quality of its products.